Postpartum Affirmation Banner in Mountain Purples

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Postpartum Affirmation Banner in Mountain Purples

The journey to motherhood is beautiful yet challenging. Bringing your baby earthside is only the beginning of that journey. Often times, new parenthood (or even second or third time parenthood) leaves mothers feeling sad or overwhelmed in ways they never knew was possible. They may find that they love more than they ever knew they could, and hurt deeper than they ever have before. These postpartum affirmations are made with those times in mind. These uplifting affirmations are little reminders that this difficult time is not forever, and that you are important. The "momma guilt" that we feel can sit heavy on our shoulders. Maybe today isn't the day that we forgive ourselves. Maybe we need a little more time. But part of this journey is refusing to give up. THAT is what this banner represents. Refusing to give up, even when it all seems like too much to handle. Creating this banner has been therapeutic for me, and my hope is that it helps others get through their own rough patches. Our journeys may all be different, but if we travel the road together, I believe we will make it to the other side.

This Postpartum Affirmation Flag Kit is perfect for hanging anywhere in the home, or for the momma or birth educator who would like to share the affirmations. Each set comes with 20 flags and 12 ft of jute twine. Flags can be strung on in any order. Twine can be trimmed to desired length after the flags have been strung and hung.

Affirmations Included:

This baby belongs with your family
Breathe. Listen.
Sometimes you can't run errands
You deserve this baby
You are doing the best you can
You make amazing babies
This too shall pass
Don't take it personal
Forgive yourself
You are a good mommy
Your heart can only expand
You are important
Your kids will turn out wonderfully
Learn from the past. Grow.
You are not alone
You are not a failure
It's okay to have feelings
This weight will eventually lift
Keep trying. Don't give up.
Unplug. Go outside. Take a walk.

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** This item is handmade**

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