Laminated Labor Intensity Scale & Pain Scale Cover-Up

$ 14.95

When I attend hospital births as a Doula, one of the details that catches my attention is the Pain Scale that is displayed in each patient room.  I typically try to focus more on the intensity of each surge, as opposed to how much pain the laboring mom is in.  To help solve this problem, I created a more peaceful Labor Intensity Scale, which focuses on how the mother is progressing by her demeanor and emotional state.  This aids in keeping the birth space calm and empowering, and can help the hospital staff recognize the serene environment that the mother wishes to birth in.

Size: 13.5" x 6.75" , which should cover most horizontally oriented Pain Scale Charts.

  • 6 Empowering, Single-Word, Birth Affirmations across the bottom
  • Features key points that are common through out labor and basic tips for helping mom physically and emotionally.
  • Professionally printed on heavy-weight, semi-gloss card stock and laminated for aesthetics and durability.
  • Perfect for Doulas who attends hospital births on a regular basis.
  • Comes packaged in a 2mil poly sleeve, which could be kept to protect the Labor Intensity Scale

Ideas for hanging:

  • Removable glue dots or Sticky Poster Tack (test for removability!)
  • Magnets (if the white board is magnetized)
  • Tape, Double-Sided Tape, Artist Tape, Washi Tape, or Masking Tape (test for removability!)
  • Thumb Tacks, or clip to mini binder clips and hang from thumb tacks

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