Blessingway Binding Bracelet Ceremony for up to 20 people, Genuine Campitos Turquoise & Baltic Amber Black String

$ 54.95

The Blessingway Ceremony originated from the Navajo as a way to embrace positive, life-changing choices, and to ensure good health and good luck. While originally held for many different types of occasions, today it is more commonly a spiritual celebration honoring the expectant mother towards the end of her pregnancy.

This Binding Ceremony is a way to symbolically show the mother that she is supported, and that she is in the thoughts of her close friends and family as she prepares to bring her baby earth side.  

The Details:

* Each Binding Ceremony Stick is unique, and has been collected by hand by Etsy Shop SmithRiverWild! These are solid, beautiful pieces of wood that can kept as a memento of the ceremony, or recycled into a new project.

* This Stick will accommodate up to 20 people. For 10 or less, participants could double wrap the thread, getting 6 beads each instead of 3.

* Includes approximately 40ft of waxed linen thread, which is durable and won't have that soggy wet feeling that yarn gets when it's wet.

* 60 coordinating beads have been tied, starting at 1ft, and then at 2ft intervals, along the entire length of the thread. The beads act as a guide for wrapping the thread around each person's wrist, plus, good thoughts and blessings can be wished onto the beads.

*Comes with Genuine Campitos Turquoise and Unpolished Baltic Amber beads.

* Comes with a reading to complete the ceremony, written by me. The card also includes directions for conducting the ceremony and a few tips.  

* Ceremony can be started as formally or informally as is appropriate for the setting. Some ideas include sitting on a nice blanket outside, starting by lighting a candle and "closing" the ceremony by blowing it out, and/or playing some peaceful music while the thread is being bound and passed. 


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