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Watercolor Birth Affirmation Banner

$ 17.95

Brand New, Updated Design!

Features 20 inspiring birth affirmations!  Sets are professionally printed on thick, semi-glossy card stock.  Each flag measures 5"x7".  Sets come with 2x 8ft lengths of twine for hanging.

Included Affirmations:

1. My Body Was Made To Give Birth
2. Open & Release
3. My Body And Baby Are The Perfect Team
4. I Deserve A Peaceful Birth
5. Nevertheless She Persisted
6. My Body Opens, My Mind Quiets, My Baby Descends
7. Breathe in Peace, Exhale Tension
8. I Embrace The Wisdom Of My Body
9. My Body Is Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
10. I Surrender To Each Wave That Rushes Over Me
11. I Can Do This, I Am Doing This
12. You’ve Got This
13. I Trust My Intuition
14. My Surges Cannot Be Stronger Than Me, They ARE Me
15. Breathe Baby Down
16. My Birth Will Go Exactly As It Should
17. I Am Confident In My Ability To Make Decisions for My Baby & Myself
18. My Body Softens and I Let The Sensations Rush Over Me
19. My Birth Is Empowering, Memorable, & Safe
20. I Am Strong & Powerful

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