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Positivity and Encouragement: Birth Affirmations for YOU!

Alexa DeLisle

Posted on March 30 2017

The Birth Affirmation Banner is near and dear to my heart.  It was the original product that sparked this company, and I also feel that having one is fundamental in shifting the subconscious to believing that birth is normal, natural, and doable.  (Along with lots and lots of reading Ina May Gaskin & similar works, and avoiding watching the scary births that are usually portrayed in the media!)  That's not to say that things don't happen.  That situations don't pop up, or that unexpected complications don't happen....because they do.  Sometimes, no matter how much reading or studying someone has done, something unexpected still occurs, and life-saving interventions become necessary.  This banner has been created with that possibility in mind, and the affirmations that are depicted on each flag have been carefully selected to be encouraging, no matter what type of birth the mom is having.

A big part of getting the most out of any affirmation is molding them in your mind to be specific to YOU.  I go into that topic in a previous blog post that can be found here.  With that in mind, I'm going to touch on each affirmation from our new set, and show what we like about each one!

  1. "My body was made to give birth" - If you are a woman, your body was made to give birth!  Are we perfect?  Well, no.  Maybe the journey has been a challenging one, maybe your birth ends up happening surgically.  But guess what?  You still gave birth to your baby.  You are still providing a loving home for your baby to grow and develop in, and no matter how your baby comes into the world, you are the vessel.  So yes--your body was made to give birth!
  2. "Open & Release" - This can apply physically, mentally, emotionally, or all of the above, for any type of birth.  In order to let birth happen, you have to open up and release your muscle tension, release any fears, worries, anxieties that may be taking up space in your mind.
  3. "My body and baby are the perfect team" - Your body and baby have an open flow of communication, transferring information, nutrients, oxygen, waste and other things that need to happen in order to bring your baby earth side.  Your care providers are there to offer assistance, and ensure that both mom and baby are safe and healthy.  But you and your baby are the team, you are the ones that are making it all happen.  
  4. "I deserve a peaceful birth" - Everyone deserves a peaceful birth.  We all deserve to give birth in a safe, warm, and loving environment.  It doesn't matter what has happened in the past, we all deserve this basic human right.  You are worthy of a peaceful birth! 
  5. "Nevertheless, she persisted" - This one feels so powerful.  No matter what, you must go forward.  And that is especially true during birth!  No matter how many hours a labor goes on, no matter what path your journey takes, you must continue on.  One wave at a time, you will persist!
  6. "My body opens, my mind quiets, my baby descends" - This is a helpful mantra for not just during labor, but also during pregnancy.  Keeping the visualization in mind that your body is opening and your baby is moving down helps encourage the mind-body connection.  This affirmation can be applied to a cesarean birth, also!  Baby is still being encouraged to move down and out, and visualizing a peaceful, downward transition can be helpful in the emotional health of the mother during a surgical birth.  
  7. "Breathe in peace, exhale tension" - It seems like an obvious thing to remember to breathe, but when a surge rolls in, often times the mother starts to tense up, and sometimes, holds her breath while trying to endure the overwhelming sensation.  Repeating this mantra and practicing deep relaxation breathing can help the mother prepare for when her labor begins.  This is also a great focal point during labor, gently reminding her to breathe in peace (also a hypno trigger word), and exhale any tension she may be holding on to.
  8. "I embrace the wisdom of my body" - The amazing thing about childbirth is that the female body instinctually does what it needs to do in order to pass the baby through to the outside.  Like your heartbeat and other internal body functions, you don't have to think "open my cervix", your body does it on it's own.  By embracing this wisdom, you are encouraging the bond between mind and body, increasing the chances that everything will go smoothly.
  9. "My body is fearfully and wonderfully made" - This one is a Bible reference, but even if you aren't religious (or practice a different religion), this quote is a powerful one. It encourages confidence and faith in your body, and reminds us that we truly are amazing. Celebrate your body and all that it has accomplished so far, and encourage it for what it will accomplish in the future.  
  10. "I surrender to each wave that rushes over me" - When a new surge begins and the pressure wave hits, it can be all too easy to try to fight the wave, and attempt to push your way to the surface.  Often times though, the harder you fight, the more upside down you find yourself, and it isn't until you surrender to the tumultuous waters that you finally float to the surface.  
  11. "I can do this.  I am doing this." - Sometimes, when things are tough, you don't need someone to take the challenge away or make it better.  You just need a little encouragement.  So channel The Little Engine That Could, and just keep on going!  One little step at a time, you can make it to the end!
  12. "You've got this" - Another self encouragement affirmation!  Just a reminder that you are doing great, you are going to do great, and even if things get challenging and overwhelming, you can handle it!  You've got this.
  13. "I trust my intuition" - Your intuition is usually right.  If something feels off, trust your gut.  Ask questions.  What are the benefits?  What are the risks?  On the other hand, if you feel like something is going right, maybe it is.  You know your body and the sensations your are feeling better than anyone else. Trust yourself!
  14. "My surges cannot be stronger than me, they are me" - This is a great one to remember when you are in the middle of a surge, and it feels so very strong.  It can't be bigger than you.  It IS you.  When you start questioning your strength, just remember--you CAN get through.  You are stronger than you know!    
  15. "Breathe Baby Down" -  It's so important to visualize your baby moving down with each deep breath that you exhale.  This can even be practiced during pregnancy!  Encourage that mind-body connection by routinely doing this visualization.  Every little bit helps!  And remember, even in the event that this is a cesarean birth, your baby still needs to come down and out!  Your incredible strength and deep, peaceful breathing will lovingly bring your baby into this world, and your baby is so lucky to have such an amazing and dedicated mother!  
  16. "My birth will go exactly as it should" - Most of the time, a mother's birth doesn't map out the way she expected it to.  Maybe it was more simple than she had imagined, or maybe it had several forks in the road, leading her somewhere different than she had to go.  It can be helpful to remember that what will be, will be, and the best that you can do for yourself is to be prepared, know your options, and make decisions based on the information you have at the time.  Your birth will happen exactly the way it is meant to happen, and you will walk away stronger than you ever knew you could be.
  17. "I am confident in my ability to make decisions for my baby and myself" - You know your body, your baby, and your family better than anyone.  You have researched the topics that are important to you, and you know what questions to ask in the event of something unexpected popping up.  Trust yourself!  You are perfectly equipped to make decisions.  And you can always do a little more reading before baby comes if you feel like you need it! ;)
  18. "My body softens, and I let the sensations rush over me" - An encouraging mantra, and a helpful visualization!  Picture your whole body softening, releasing tension, your cervix getting softer and allowing itself to be gently stretched to just the right size for your baby to come through.  Letting the sensations rush over you will allow them to be as effective as they can possibly be!  Having a surgical birth?    
  19. "My birth is empowering, memorable, and safe" - The act of giving birth is such an incredibly powerful transformation for a woman.  She gets to discover the immense strength within herself that she never knew she possessed.  Her birth is an experience that she will remember for as long as she lives.  She will remember the feelings and emotions she had, and the way she was treated.  And safe--giving birth is safe, especially if the mother has surrounded herself with an experienced and knowledgeable birth team that she trusts.  
  20. "I am strong and powerful" - A great way to end this collection of affirmations--with inner strength and power.  Sometimes you may not feel like you are getting through, but you are.  With each breath, each minute, each surge that rolls in, you are getting closer.  Your strength and power will get you through!  Embrace your birth--You've got this! 

 Every birth is different, and everyone can benefit from a little encouragement along the way!  Practice your favorite relaxation techniques, read as much as you can, and enjoy your birth.  There is no other experience quite like it!  

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