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Making your birth affirmation flags about YOU

Alexa DeLisle

Posted on June 02 2016

When I was pregnant with my first, making my birth affirmation banner was really important to me.  I wanted to pick the affirmations that best spoke to me and addressed my personal fears and worries.  I also wanted to decorate it my own way.  I had a general idea in my head of what I wanted my banner to look like, and I really enjoyed researching affirmations and designing each flag.  

Making your birth flags look good doesn't have to be super complicated.  I am going to go over a few different ideas for making your banner flags unique and awesome.  

Idea #1: Magazine Collage + Art Pens

I flipped through a few Martha Stewart magazines and a few Parents magazines and was able to find this spectacular collection of clippings.  Martha Stewart is great for gardeny things, and I'm sure there are a ton of other magazines out there that have great photos of nature.  And text--I always hunt for decent sized, good, interesting text!

So pick out a few little photos that go well together, and see what words you can find.  If you can't find any good words or phrases, you can always write them in.

Next, cut out your clippings!  I like to make a nice, even border around the photos.


Once you get everything cut out, it's time to lay them out on the banner flag.  You can move things around, and kind of get a feel for what looks best.

Once you're happy with the layout, it's time to glue the pieces down!  I prefer to use spray adhesive--there are several different types out there on the market, and you don't have to buy a giant can if you don't want to, they do make small ones.  My second choice would be a glue stick.  

If you are using spray adhesive, I recommend making a quick spray booth using a cardboard box with a garbage bag laid over top of it.  Or just go outside.  And glue sticks are pretty straight forward.

Next, it's time to fill in the blank areas with little details!

I like using art pens from the craft store, but you can use anything you want!  Faber-Castell makes ones that are waterproof, which, I guess that isn't a huge deal, but it is nice for using with water colors.  And obviously, it's an excuse to go to the craft there's that.

and here's what I ended up with:

Just a few little details to finish off the flag and make it feel complete.  

Idea #2: Magazine Collage using a single focal object.

This one is really simple.  I found this giant butterfly.  It was actually in the same article as the larger yellow butterfly on the "Breathe baby out" flag.

cut, cut..snip, snip.

Pick a spot, glue it down.  Add text.  I drew in guide lines and the affirmation word very, very lightly in pencil to make sure it was going to fit.  And flow straight across the card, instead of all wonky.  

Once you get your affirmation inked in, it's time to erase the pencil lines!  And that's it!  Done.  Super easy!  I forgot to take a photo of this one by itself, but I'll have one at the end of all three, so no worries.  Keep scrolling....

Idea #3: Water color + Art pen mashup

I love this one.  It's fun, pretty, fairly simple, and um..well.  That's it.  It's nice.  And I'm actually working on an affirmation banner for the shop based on this idea.  So here's the run down.

Here's the set up.  Crayola water color paints, a small cup of water, and a paintbrush.  

Using a very small amount of water, paint a nice wooshy blurb that covers most of the center of the art paper.  Feel free to blend colors, sprinkle a little salt on it, or anything else that comes to mind.

I like to imitate fonts when I'm decorating my birth flags by hand.  On the left hand side of the above photo, I had 3 font samples.  I didn't follow them exactly, but referencing them helps me to make some words looks different than others.  

Once you lay out your affirmation, you can add some little doodles, and then you're finished!


 Now you can pick out 20 affirmations, cut some cool stuff out of magazines (check your local library for freebies!), and get to decorating!

The DIY Birth Affirmation Art Banners are made with Mixed Media art paper, to give you the versatility you need to really get creative.  Check 'em out!



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